The milk man's on his way
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Yeah, man

plus if you play the game in ‘actual’ order, you have to go visit Asgard before Raine is too much an adult to approach the unicorn

who knows too maybe she had a harem of scholars before the journey even started

you go professor

That’s true~ I’m sure she probably did have a nice little harem of smart people

Late night anatomy lessons

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I love all the Asgard kids from Symphonia and im still hopeful that raine and linar banged


Dude! They totally did bang!

The party shows up like, “damn you’ve been here all night, aren’t you done?”

And Linar’s all like, “wow, guys, The Professor is amazing! She deciphered it all in no time!”

No time.

But she was there all night. Hmmmmm